Tuesday, November 26, 2013

REDEMPTION FOR LIARS is officially out!

I cannot believe that I forgot to update my blog to tell everyone that my book is officially for sale! Who knew getting my book into your hands would take so much work? After the actual writing and editing part, I mean.

Here's what I've been up to recently.
  • approved the cover art for the book, which is simply gorgeous! 
  • set up an Author page via Amazon's website
  • announced the book release on Facebook, Twitter, and on my author webpage 
  • set up an author account on Goodreads
  • set up an author account on www.theromancereviews.com
  • attended a surprise launch party given by my fabulous family
  • ordered promotional postcards and rack cards (similar to a bookmark)
  • obsessively checked my author ranking on Amazon a gazillon times 

If you've already picked up your copy of REDEMPTION FOR LIARS, thank you! I hope you enjoy it. 

To purchase REDEMPTION FOR LIARS, click here.


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