Street Team

Want to help me spread the word about my books? 
Are you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Goodreads? 
Do you have friends and family who love to read romantic suspense stories? 

If you answered YES! to any of these questions, I want you on my Street Team. 
Fill in the form below with your contact info. I'll contact you soon and send some swag your way.

Benefits of joining: By joining my street team, you'll receive fabulous swag sent directly to your door, a newsletter with the inside scoop delivered to your inbox, and first crack at my next novel. 

Here's how you can help!
1. When you receive your swag in the mail, keep some for you and pass out the rest!

2. Tweet away! Below I have provided a couple ready-made tweets for you to use, or you can compose your own or retweet one of mine.
  • Love a good scandal? FBI Agent falls for sexy suspect - Loan shark shoots to kill.  @AuthorEJanette
3. Share my FB posts with your friends.

4. Recommend my author page, or books, to everyone you know on Goodreads.
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7. Leave comments on my blog posts and then share with your friends.

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