Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Romance Weekly: #LoveWriteChat

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If you hopped on over by way of Katie O'Conor, welcome! This week's questions come to us courtesy of author Jami Denise.

When writing your novel, do you know how it’s going to end before you write, or do you write from start to finish?

Let's be honest. Of course I do. Romance books must end with a satisfying Happily-Ever-After (HEA) kind of ending. Or at least a HEA for now ending. It's kind of expected. There's nothing worse than getting invested in a fictitious love story only to have it end with a polite hand shake as the two lovers part ways. Ugh. Talk about pent up sexual frustration!

For the most part, when I begin writing I have a general idea of the story's framework in mind. I might have a clear idea of the ending scene, but how I manage to get there is anyone's guess. For example, with Assassin P.I. I know there will be a big shoot-out at the end. I can even visualize the action of the scene, along with the accompanying soundtrack and foggy setting details, as it plays out in my mind. But I have no clue how my characters get to that scene, that specific moment in time. I have to write the story from start to finish to figure that part out. 

How do the people you know impact your writing? Are you influenced by friends and family for your characters? 

No way! I value my life far too much to risk it.

I'm afraid I'm wouldn't alter my characters enough and then I'd be left with a room full of pissed of friends and family members. It might make for some very tense moments at the Christmas dinner table. No, thanks. I'm much safer playing with all the characters who inhabit my imagination.

Describe the hero in your current WIP in three words.
Only 3?! You're killing me here, Jami. I supposed Jack from Assassin P.I. could be described in 3D's. He's a DANGEROUS yet DEBONAIR ex-DETECTIVE.  And with a bit of luck, time, and a better work ethic, I just might finish this WIP by the end of summer.

Forgive me while I go slink back into my writing hole. I promise to reemerge in time for next week's #LoveWriteChat. While I get my butt back in gear, I want to introduce you to author S. C. Mitchell, whose novel, Son of Thunder took 2nd place in the FUTURISTIC-FANTASY-PARANORMAL-TIME TRAVEL category of the 2014 WisRWA Write Touch Readers’ Choice Award Contest

Scoot on over to S. C. Mitchell's website to see how he tackles these same three questions. See y'all next week! Oh, and don't forget to enter our blog hop contest


  1. Thanks for the great lead in! ♥♥♥

  2. Yeah, the dreaded Christmas table scenario. Then again, it might be a good test to find out if any of those relatives read your material. (Mine are either too snooty for romance or too ADD for fiction!)

  3. Still laughing at the polite handshake. Makes me want to do it, just for shits and giggles

  4. I can't recall ever reading a book that ended with a handshake. I would be really unhappy if that happened. But I have written my mom's butt into a story once. I'm not sure she's forgiven me yet. :)

  5. I'm loving your alliteration! The guy sounds very exciting :D

  6. A handshake sort of ending, hmmmm I had a reviewer once say, "I thought this was going to be a good book, but then it had the typical romance HEA ending." Great answers!!!