Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Romance Weekly: #LoveWriteChat

It's my favorite time of the week! 
Time for the Romance Weekly #LoveWriteChat, where our merry band of Romance writers tell you all their writing craft secrets! If you found me by way of Gemma Brocato, welcome! This week's questions come from  Jo Richardson

How often do you write?

I write as often as I can. At any given time, I may have 2-3 different projects in varying states of disarray to draft or revise, plus blog posts to work on. During the summer, when I'm off from work, I try to spend at least a couple hours writing each day. Some days, I hole up in my bedroom and work all day while my two kids fend for themselves. Other days, I wind up playing referee, chauffeur, cook, housekeeper, or photographer. You know . . . begin a wife and a mom. 

During the school year, my "butt in the chair, fingers on the keyboard" writing time is seriously limited. Being a teacher often means that my day job takes over my entire life. I steal what time I can to write, usually nights and weekends, but it's definitely not easy.

Do you think it’s important to your craft to write as much as you can, and as often as you can?

Absolutely. You have to write or you're not a writer. There's just no way around it. BUT I don't think writing as much as possible, or even writing every single day, is enough to turn someone into a great writer. Writing involves so much more than that. You have to hone your inner editor, too. 

I saw this quote and picture recently on FB and it perfectly sums up my philosophy as a 5th grade teacher. 

William Faulkner by Vladymyr Lukash. C.C. by 3.0

When we read in my classroom, we are constantly analyzing how the author did what they did. How did they begin their story? How did they end each scene? How did they indicate a passing of time? You get the point. We analyze and discuss our findings, label each method, and then practice it for ourselves. After that, we critique, reflect, and revise. Then it begins all over again. 

Even when I'm not writing per se, I'm still involved in some part of the writing process, whether it's plotting, reading a mentor text, giving a critique, revising a piece, or 
teaching my class about writing.   

What is your opinion on the saying “if you don’t write every day, you’re not a writer"?

For some of us, it's just not possible. My job and my family need my time, too.That doesn't make me less of a writer. It makes me human. It just means I have to be smarter with the time that I do have. I need to learn to turn off the internet so I don't hear the siren's call of FB and Twitter. I need to set my DVR to record my favorite shows. When I need a break from writing, that's when I can binge on all my TV shows and get caught up! 

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Now, if y'all don't mind, I left my muse tied to a chair where I intend to keep her for the next few hours while I write. Next up on the love chat tour . . . Carrie Elks, author of Halfway Hidden and Fix You.


  1. Great Faulkner quote, Elizabeth. What do you teach?

    1. I teach 5th grade at an elementary school, so I teach all subjects for the most part. This past school year, my team decided to shift to a team teaching approach. Two of us teach all the reading and writing. The other two teachers teach all the math. It really frees us up to become an expert in one subject area and develop great lesson plans. Our students were the ones to benefit the most from it.

  2. I'm a teacher too, though last year was my final year teaching full-time so I can write more!

  3. Amen, if we are going to write realistic characters we must be human in the process :) Loved your answers!!!

  4. Loved your answers today, Elizabeth. I read all the time, and my problem was my favorite author for many years was a head hopper. My first manuscript suffers dreadfully from it, but I'm trying to clean it up.

  5. Writers have a life they need to live as well as writing! Great answers :)